Overcome Your Shyness And Make New Friends In College

Meet new people and make new friends ever if you’re shy! Here are some tips on overcoming shyness

overcome-shyness-00Are you the nervous kind? The kind who gets jitters about everything – from being placed in the spotlight to interaction with strangers or even talking in front of unknown people. Being shy is not a disease! Some people are inherently shy but that doesn’t mean they don’t open up! In fact some of the most shy people open up once they’ve reached a level of comfort with someone and boy can they open up when it’s the right person!!

In many cases however, people who suffer from extreme shyness lose out on making friends and meeting new and even possibly like-minded people just because they’re too shy to make the first move and introduce themselves or even approach others.

Breaking out of this shell doesn’t happen overnight and it will take time and effort for you to overcome this barrier in college.

Here are some ways to do overcome shyness. It may not work for everyone but at least it’s a step forward in the right direction.

1. Determine what it is that makes you feel shy

Is it people whether in larger or smaller groups? Is it learning something new? Is it a change in environment or leaving your comfort zone? Is it in front of someone you know/like / have a crush on? What exactly are the things that make you shy ?

2. Concentrate on building your confidence

We are all special. Every single one of us is special in our own different way – we all have some different things to give the world in our own small way!

While you may think its corny – its true and very important in being able to project yourself well. Emphasize and tell yourself how special you are – what you can do that others can’t and showcase this skill in your own quiet way!

3. Become comfortable

Try staying within your comfort zone initially. If your comfort zone is the classroom or x,y,z coffee shop, make sure you have most of your interactions there! If your comfort zone is a certain set of friends – hang out with them! Wear comfortable clothes, don’t overdo makeup. Be yourself! Don’t ever try to be someone you’re not! It’ll add to the confusion and become a barrier to overcoming your shyness.

4. Smile!

Keep an open, friendly smile, which makes you, look approachable. Try and act in the same way as well. This is very important cause sometimes shyness gets mistaken for being snooty, stuck up or unapproachable which you know is truly not the case! Make sure this is also shown in your body language! Fake smiles are very easy for others to pick on.

5. Stand Straight!

Did you know that having a good posture can give the impression that you’re confident and ready to take on the world?

6. Don’t bury yourself in books all the time

You’ll get the reputation of being a bookworm, padhaaku person who’s only interest in life is marks! People will stay clear of you even if you’re not really like that!

7. Make new friends

Introduce yourself to people; even those you would normally not have a conversation with!

You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about people by simply speaking to them as opposed to just having an opinion from far off!

In fact to overcome your shyness – take a target of meeting one new person daily. Even a simple “hi”, “hello” conversation will do!

8. Try and ensure that you keep your friends close

They’ll help you in breaking out of your shell! Good friends will always encourage your progress and support your efforts and it always helps to have true friends who realize your “True and real worth!”

Life’s short – make the most of it by speaking to, meeting new people and breaking out of your shell. It’ll expose you to things you’ve never even dreamt off! And its not that difficult – it just takes some time and effort, so don’t lose hope!

Images Courtesy: Rotten e-cards, Google images, quickmemes.com

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