How To Throw A Budget Friendly Party

Throw a smashing party of your own within a budget using these pocket friendly tips…


It’s the party and festivities season what with Navratri coming soon, then Diwali and the vacations followed by the wedding season, Christmas and then New Year’s Eve.

The next two to three months are going to be all about fun and frolic with close friends and family, and you may even get a chance to meet someone new or special at some of the parties.

We’re here to help you get set for the party season with some pocket friendly tips on how to throw a smashingly cool party of your own within a budget, which will make you the envy of all your friends.

Here’s a list of things you need to plan a perfect party. Do feel free to add in comments if you have some ideas of your own.

1. The Place – If you’re in college, it can either be your apartment or if you live in a hostel then you could request one of your friends who’s staying out and has an apartment to host the party along with you.

Avoid hostel parties since the no of people, timings and what you can do there would be restricted.

Also an apartment or a known place is a good way to stay within a budget without spending money on the venue.

If you stay with your parents then you can request them if you can host a party at home – make sure that you clean up before and after and don’t trouble mom or dad with the party arrangements!

2. The Guest List – Figure how many people you want to invite; whether its friends, friends of friends, new acquaintances, relatives etc.

Just make sure you have a mixed crowd / close knit crowd and there aren’t too many people who don’t get along with each other.

Don’t call too many people either unless you want your budgets to sky rocket.

party-02-place-people3. The Invites – Invite people a week in advance by sms / email to ensure that they block the date and follow up with a reminder a day or two before.

You can even set up closed groups on Facebook exclusively for the party. This way people know who else is going to the party.

4. The Theme – Basic parties are always fun but having a theme can help unleash creativity that you didn’t know existed among your friends.

It’s also fun to see people dressed up differently and out of their personality. And for all you guys, girls love theme parties so if you want more girls to your party – Have a theme! Some popular theme ideas include Bollywood, Back2school, Hollywood celebrities, a masked party, funky hat party, all black and white party or if its Christmas you can theme it around the colours i.e red, white and green.

5. The Décor – if you’re going for a theme party, get some small décor elements related to the theme.

Don’t spend too much money on the décor – its actually going to be much more fun to see people wearing the costumes and nobody will then care about the decor!

6. The Budget – There’s no point in looking back after a party and saying that you overshot your budget and blew up all your pocket money on a party.

One way to ensure that it doesn’t work out too expensive is for 4-5 or more friends to get together and pool in to throw the party. It becomes lighter on everyone’s pocket and the fun is the same.

7. The Food, Drinks – Pick finger food / food that can be passed around easily as opposed to food that needs to be laid out.

It saves a lot of effort for both invitees and the hosts. Get plastic / paper cups and plates so you don’t have to sit and wash up after the party. Pool in with your co-organizers and friends for the food and drinks.

Keep lots of munchies like peanuts, chiwda, chips etc around the room – the more people munch the less they tend to eat at dinner 😉

8. The Seating – Don’t go overboard trying to arrange seating for everyone; we’re all used to floor cushions and sitting on the ground in college.

9. The Music – Music is an essential part of any party and helps create the right ambience.


Get some friends / create a playlist in advance for the party if you want. Don’t play too loud music when people are arriving, it can be jarring to the ears. Also ensure that you pick music according to the tastes of the guests at the party.

In general avoid very loud music so as not to disturb your neighbors – it can be a nuisance.

10. The Lighting – Another important factor when it comes to ambience.

Don’t go overbright with the lights. Try dim lighting (not too dim but where people can see other’s faces). It also helps in building the ambience.

11. The Games – If you and your friends are the kinds, who love playing party games, figure a set of games you can play in advance and if you need anything for them.

If you have a theme – think of some theme based versions of popular games. Dumb charades is common for movie-based themes.

12. The Day of the Party – Clean up the house or party venue as best as you can. Make sure that you have the food / drinks / glasses / plates / paper napkins laid out. Keep tissues handy across. If you’re finicky about neatness, keep out coasters on tables for the drinks. Ensure that the music, food, games, theme décor elements are all in place and then get ready to greet your first guest.

13. Be The Good Host- As a host, you need to greet everyone. If people don’t know each other, introduce your guests to each other in order for them to mingle and be comfortable. Offer food and drinks to guests as soon as they come. Circulate and don’t stick to one group as the host and keep conversations general as opposed to specific. Thank all your guests for coming as they’re leaving!

party-03-play14. The After party clean up – This is extremely important especially in a house. Make sure you take turns to clean up and collect the after party garbage and throw it away carefully in garbage bags. Nobody likes a messy apartment after a party.

And that’s it – do let us know if these tips helped you and if you have more tips on organizing a budget friendly party! Read more about how to do a budget date and see more about how to throw less money and get more!

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