Career Ideas: Game Designer

Ever wondered how the games we play are made & what skills are required to design games for a living? Here’s a sneak peek…

The games people play are serious business. We bet you never thought of it that way, but games in all their simplicity and complication area potentially thriving industry.

Behind every game is a designer who: conceptualizes the look and feel, outlines the structure, story flow, characters, objects, props, vehicles, interface design, modes of playing, levels, scores and category of the game.

Computer model of game character while creating
3D modelling of a game character

As games and scripts follow the same gradual process of development, a game designer is quite literally the director of the game he creates.

So if you think that gaming is an indulgence that you have the potential for, try being a game designer. Innovation will happen alongside imagination, adventure will be an everyday reality as you create game after game and you will know that people are in a virtual haven, simply because you gave them an alternate world to belong to.

In fact, gaming experts suggest that beyond technical competence must be the desire to create an engaging story and not just a game.

Drawing a first part of character
First part of game character creation – a simple black and white 2D draw

The gaming industry caters to all kinds of games locally and globally. To get into this as a profession, firstly you need to identify what you think is essential to specialize in board games, card games, athletic games, educational games or top quality video games.

Video games score the highest in scope for innovation and are far more lucrative than the rest.

Drawing game character in a college
There are colleges to study game design

Secondly, you need to understand the demographics of your target audience, or quite simply the people who will be prone to buying such games.

You need to study their lifestyle habits, socio-economic backgrounds, level and frequency of participation and monthly expenditure.

Getting the above listed factors right, can help you hit the nail on the head when it comes to developing a gaming concept. Research can be the most instrumental tool in an industry like gaming, to break free from the clutter and to stand apart amidst it.

Lastly you have to bear these pointers in mind if you are looking to be a game designer in all its seriousness.

  • Discover a way to create games that are inspirational yet practical. It is tricky to crack this route, but nothing is that easy to achieve nowadays.
  • Keep it comprehensive enough to be loved by both veterans and beginners. The former should be intrigued and the latter should be thrilled. Remember every game is a stimulant for the sub conscious and most of these don’t come up with a list of side effects or warnings.

As long as you can create a world in which people can engage rather than escape into, you have a game designer lurking within you.
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Image source: Google images. Video source: YouTube.

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