10 Types Of Teachers We’ve All Met In School

Teachers were as much a part of our school days as having fun was. Have you encountered these 10 teachers in school?

Ahhh, we’ll never forget our school days. Teachers were as much a part of it as having fun was. You’ve probably encountered some of these 10 kinds of teachers in school too….

Teacher type 1: The Strict One

This teacher always follows the rules and you gotta follow them too. No noise, no talking and your uniform can’t ever be out of shape or you’re in trouble! You might get away with it a few times but in the long run; you’re going to punished more often than not.

Teacher type 1 image: The Strict One

Teacher type 2: The Cool One

All the cool stuff you learn in school comes from this teacher. They’re the ones who gave us awesome lectures on why Shakespeare still matters and how you should cheat. They’re the ones who’s classes we loved.

Teacher type 2 image: All good stuff one

Teacher type 3: The Hot One

Oh man, every school has that one hot teacher that every guy in class has a crush on. Her classes are always unusually quiet and all the boys are on their best behavior. She was and will always be the girl of our dreams. Always!

Teacher type 3 image: The Hot One

Teacher type 4: The Unintentionally Funny One

Here’s the teacher that just can’t get it right. Always fumbling and saying silly things, this teacher just can’t help being funny, even if he hated it. We’ve all had this kind of teacher who tried very hard to keep it together but failed miserably.

Teacher type 4 image: The Unintentionally Funny One

Teacher type 5: The Intentionally Funny One

He or she’s always cracking jokes and lightening the mood when the class is at its most tired, right after lunch. The jokes come fast and furious in between Pythagoras’ Theorem and right angles and school was never complete without a few laughs.

Teacher type 5 image: The Intentionally Funny One

Teacher type 6: The One That Inspires You

Here is the teacher who really inspires you. He or She’s the one who really cares about teaching and the class their teaching.

They listen and give you invaluable insights into life and really help you figure out who you are and what you really want to do. We owe a debt of thanks to these awesome guardians.

Teacher type 6 image: The One That Inspires You

Teacher type 7: The One You All Love To Hate

Oh how we hate this teacher!!!

The minute they strut into class there is something about them that really turns everyone off.

They pick on students for silly reasons and give terrible and usually unnecessary advice. The only reason they’re memorable is – because we hated them that much.

Teacher type 7 image: The One You All Love To Hate

Teacher type 8: The One And Done

The substitute teacher who sometimes is really cool and stays with you for life and sometimes they just don’t matter. We had a Biology teacher who really taught us how to appreciate Biology. She got us to do experiments and made it fun but alas she was only around for a year. Sometimes we get the golden apple of substitute teachers.

Teacher type 8 image: The One And Done

Teacher type 9: The One You Don’t Mess With

You really don’t mess with this teacher. They took absolutely no nonsense from any student and punishment was often swift and painful. Their classes were always silent mausoleums of education. We couldn’t wait to get out of this teachers grasp.

Teacher type 9 image: The One You Don’t Mess With

Teacher type 10: The One Who Knows Everything And You Just Can’t Fool

Then finally, we have the too cool for school teacher. You can’t fool them. They know all the tricks of the trade. They’re cool and all but they’re also good teachers. They understand the students mindset. No bullshit flies with this teacher….WELL…most of the time!

Teacher type 10 image: The One Who Knows Everything And You Just Can’t Fool

Thanks for reading and write in a comments what types of teachers have you define or what types you love/hate most. Read more posts from my Wake Up Now College or WUNK, blog!

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