10 Cheapest And Most Fun Date Ideas

The college hottie has finally accepted your multiple attempts at scoring a date. Woo her in a budget if you’re broke.

Budget your date
Budget your date with 10 ideas below

1. Movie Marathon at home

If you have an apartment of your own and your roommates are willing to stay out for a while, arrange for a movie screening, with some great movies you both know you’ll enjoy.

If you’re at home, just make sure Mom and Dad are nowhere around. You don’t want them barging in, trust me!

Movie date saves your money
Check if you love same movies

2. A bonfire romantic evening

Get your winter clothes out and get ready for a romantic evening by the bonfire. The crackle of burning wood and the mesmerizing flames will surely win the girl of your dreams over. It’ll cost you next to nothing. Just make sure you put it out before you leave. You don’t want to be causing any forest fires. Now, that’s not very romantic.

Bonfire romance will save your budget too
Spend time together away from whole world

3. Let’s ride together

Who doesn’t love a killer bike ride? Just grab two bikes and you’re ready to go. It also helps if you actually ride on a bike trail rather than brave the city traffic. Take her on a serene journey through a nature park or just a nice ride around the colony. You’re totally killing two birds with one stone.

Couple cycling in a field
Bike riding could be really exiting and fresh your relationships

4. Picnic at the local park

Being broke doesn’t mean you can’t have tons of fun! Just pack a few sandwiches made by, head to the local park, set out a chatai or sheet and you’re ready to go…

Couple laying on the ground
Park picnic don’t need too much time

5. Bad weather? Let’s go to the mall

Free air-conditioning. Admittedly the Mall isn’t the ideal venue for a date but would you like your outdoor date to be accompanied by 40 degree heat or -10 winter cold? Nope, I didn’t think so.

Save your budget just going to a cinema or skiing, not just boring shopping that all do there. Look for interesting things that are in a Malls in your city. Make it fun and take as many photos as you could!

Fun date tips in a mall
Bad weather wouldn’t be boring – let Mall help you spend time in a fun way

6. Shopping or cheap shopping!

The way to a woman’s heart is through incessant shopping. But since you’re penniless and can’t really buy anything expensive for her, check out the cheaper markets like Causeway, linking road or hill road in Mumbai, Sarojini, Lajpat nagar or janpath in Delhi for a cheap but satisfying experience. She gets what she wants and you get to make her happy!

Couple sitting with a pink air balloon
Shop not expensive things but with love

7. Be a Tourist in your own city

If you’ve never done this before, here’s an excuse to go around your city, behave like a tourist and you’ll never know what gems you’ll end up uncovering in the process; one of these may end up being your very own special spot. Even taking a walk and enjoying street food at the most common places such as Marine Drive in Mumbai, Marina Beach at Chennai, India Gate in Delhi – they can all turn out to be a fun way to spend time each other! You could even take a double decker bus ride, if available – there’s nothing like feeling the wind blowing on your face as you take in the sights of the city!

Smiling couple with a tourist guide
Try to look on your own city as tourists do

8. Take a hike!

 Let’s get physical people! There is nothing cooler than a long hike.

The cool breeze of the woods coupled with the ideal atmosphere for love and you’ve got yourself a winner. Plus, you don’t need to spend any cash! It’s a win-win situation we’ve put you in. You better make the most of it!

Couple in the mountains watch the sunrise
Make more sweet memories together

9. What about Museum?

This is a totally personal recommendation. When I was broke and my girlfriend and I really wanted to go out, we decided to actually check out the museum in our city.

If you decide to go down this path, make sure you brush up on your history. You don’t want to sound and look like an idiot when she asks you about that large bunch of bones that look like an elephant. I didn’t know what that was either.

Couple behind a big painting
Be honest about your tastes with each other

10. Cook up a storm

You don’t need any money to fire up a stove. Invite the girl of your dreams over, get comfy in some awesome aprons and start cooking. It’s a therapeutic activity that will bring you and the girl of your dreams closer. You might just have to shell out a bit of cash for ingredients, that’s about it!

I hope you found a few ideas that feet your needs and save your budget. Don’t forget that your relationships aren’t about money – they’re all about love and happiness being together. Talk about types of teachers in your college while walking or riding and have a lot of fun!

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